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Portia is a sandbox simulator game that features crafting and socializing. You have the opportunity to download Portia apk for free on Android phone. The graphics are beautiful, but there isn't much else going on in this game yet.
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October 30, 2021
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My Time At Portia Apk

It’s a role-playing game for android. The player inherits and runs his father’s workshop. He also works to make the small town of Portia more beautiful.

This game is like living the life of that character by making your choices and working hard. The Player doesn’t only run that workshop but also makes friends in the town, helps others, and even gets married.

The game is quite interesting and calming. To play this game, you have to download this on your android. It should be 4.4 or above.

Download the latest version of my time at Portia from this website. Have a look at its amazing plot and features.

About My Time At Portia Game App

This game is about crafting and socializing in a town named Portia. It’s a creative game where you explore your inner talent of crafting that you have never recognized.

The game starts with a character who lives with his father. Father has a workshop. But after the death of their father, he remains alone. Now he only has a workshop to run to manage his expenses.

He starts running the workshop and discovers that he has genetically inherited the art of crafting. Moreover, he uses his talent to build new buildings and growing his father’s workshop. He also makes his town more beautiful by utilizing his God gifted skills.

Moreover, he makes wonderful creations for people by gathering resources and assembling them into meaningful pieces. The player can gain more skills to improve his work. Furthermore, he can develop relationships with people and can even start a happily married life.

You might have thought about how it is possible to happen in a game. Actually, the game provides a 3D open world with unlimited resources. You have to use them according to your artistic mind and abilities.

Some of you may remind of the Minecraft game while reading this. This game is just like that. Its leading benefit is that it is easily and freely available on android. You can play it anywhere, any time, and learn new skills with fun.

Many people like me don’t like competitive and fast games like racing and fighting. We love to play mind soothing and calming games that also help to grow our minds and learn new things. If you are also the same type, you would surely love this one.
Let’s have a look at its remarkable features.

Key Features of the game

This amazing game has so many features. I have explained it’s all features of by one. I hope you’ll like it and find it amazing for yourself.

Free To Download

This gaming application that is full of multiple features is totally free to download. It does not require money like other famous role-playing games.

Run Your Own Workshop

As I already mentioned, the game is about inheriting the father’s workshop and running it. Your goal is to make it the best workshop in Portia by working hard and helping others. By using the genetic artistic talent of a craftsman, you have to build new and unique buildings and farms.
You’ll make your town beautiful by using your skills.

Opera table 3D WORKSHOP

The game enables you to make buildings and other things by providing you resources like a 3D workshop. Anything you need for your crafts is available in the game.

Grow Your Own Farm

This game also gives an opportunity of making your own farm and growing crops. But everything depends on your skills. The game provides an empty land, and you’ll have to make it fertile and build a beautiful farm on it. All resources are provided by the game.

You can use planter boxes, semi-automatic irrigation systems, and many such beneficial resources. Moreover, there are animals in the game that you can keep in your form.

Make Your Own House

You can also build a beautiful home. You can use your skills to design your home and all the furniture in it. Make all decorations by yourself. You’ll feel like you are actually building a home. You can arrange everything without worrying about the budget, as it’s only in the game:

Socialize and build strong relationships in the community

The game is not only about crafting, it’s also about socializing and building good relationships. There are also other people in the game. You take orders and work for them. Moreover, you also meet new people, go to restaurants, explore new personalities.

You can also find a partner in the game and start married life. It shows how amazing is this game that it doesn’t only excite you, but also teaches you how to live in a society.

Level Up Your Skills

You can level up your character with a variety of new skills that can help you in your adventures. It depends on your choice whether you want to polish skills for crafting, combat, or social skills.

Ads Free

It does not contain ads that annoy you while playing games. You can play it for hours without being disturbed.

No Registration Required

You do not need to register in the game to play this. Just install the game on your android and start playing this.

User-Friendly Interface

Its interface is designed user-friendly so that anyone can use it without facing any difficulty.

High-quality Graphics

The graphics used in the game are fantastic. Moreover, the movements and performance of the character and other items show how perfectly developed is this game.

How To Use It?

Download this on your android mobile
Open and signup into the game
Explore the features of the game by using them
When you have learned to use them, try building new things
Start with little things and proceed to big things like buildings, farms, etc

How To Download My Time At Portia Apk For Android For Free With OBB?

This application is available for android above 4.4. You can find it in the play store by searching in the search bar. But this process can take some time in finding the real game. So you can use the download button given in the top left corner. Make sure you have all my time at Portia system requirements. After that, follow these steps

  • Click on the download button
    An allowance request notification will pop up.
  • Click on allow
  • Wait till the downloading is completed.
  • When it is done, install the application.
  • If it does not start installing, check your phone’s security settings.

How To Install My Time At Portia Free?

Usually, installation starts on its own. If it doesn’t, you may have not allowed installation from sources other than the play store. In this case, follow these steps

  1. Go to the security settings
  2. Find the installation from the “unknown sources” option
  3. Tap on it and Turn it blue
  4. Now locate the file “My time at Portia” where you want to keep it
  5. Click on it and start the installation
  6. Wait for a few seconds and it’s done
  7. Enjoy playing your favorite game as a craftsman

Final Words

Role-playing games are becoming so popular now. Maybe because people get bored with other games with similar plots and want something new. My time at Portia is a wonderful game with amazing features. You must give it a try. I hope you’ll love it.