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Moya apk is a messenger app that has no data save. This means you are at risk of losing all your messages if your phone crashes or gets lost.
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Moya app sassa apk is a free messaging application for the people of Africa. It is an android messenger app that African users can avail themselves of without internet data. Moreover, it is full of unique features that no other messenger apps have ever contained.

It is also called an all-in-one instant app because it offers a lot of versatile and amazing features. There are already many messenger apps available on the internet that are used by billions of people, but still, they do not facilitate their users like this app.

If you are curious about its features, then you have to download it and experience its remarkable properties. To get the latest version of it from this page. Its download button is given below the app icon.

What Is Moya App Sassa?

Messenger apps are the need of the day. Rarely do we see some people who are not aware of these apps, as they have become a basic need for communication. We all are aware of WhatsApp that is the most used messenger worldwide. Many new apps of this kind are now available with more features.

Moya app Sassa apk is one of these novel communication apps. It is specifically developed for Africans. It is similar to other messenger apps, but it has a unique featured that is not available on other messengers. That can also be used without data.

All features can’t be used without the internet, but some important features like messaging have been made free in this app. This feature is making this app more popular day by day.

Moreover, other messenger apps have some send limits and rules, like you can’t forward a message to more than five people. Or you can’t share more than thirty pictures. This app is free of such restrictions.

It is not available worldwide at this time. Only a few countries have access to it. But its increasing demand shows it will be available worldwide soon. Everyone could get benefit from it. Besides, it also has new features about messages. To know them, have a look at its features.

Key Features of the app

Safe And Secure

The Moya app android is a safe and secure messenger application. You don’t need to worry about your data being. Besides, it’s free of viruses that can affect your mobile.

Unlimited Voice Notes And Texts

It is used to send unlimited voice notes and text messages. The app uses free data or networks for this purpose.

Voice Calls And Video Calls

It can be used to make voice calls and video calls with better sound quality than other messenger apps. It uses less data for voice calling and video calling. If data is off it shows a notification that asks to use data.

Group chats

It also helps users to make groups with their friends, families, class fellows ir colleagues and do group chats with them. Group chats are always fun when you do people with your loved ones.

Sharing Stuff

Moya app sassa apk free app allows photos, videos, documents, location sharing, and many other features. This is also available on another messenger app as it’s the need of the day.

Uses Less Data

For using this application, you need an internet connection or data package on your mobile. It is compulsory for sending files, documents, and other attachments.

High Privacy

It offers high-end to end security and privacy features like Whatsapp. Such features always protect your data and messages.

Connect Phone Contacts

You don’t need to find people on this app as it easily finds all users on your contact who are using this app. Then it syncs you with other users whom you have saved in your contacts.

Limited To A Few Countries

The app is currently available for a limited number of countries only. But its progress shows that it will be spread to other countries as well.

Works Offline

You need data to make voice notes, video calls, sharing media, but you don’t always need the internet for reading messages. It saves you from missing any important message. This feature is not available on other messenger apps.

Saves Offline Messages

It saves all your message when the device is off, so you don’t miss any important messages.

Simple And Easy To Use

It is simple and easy to use. Moreover, it is straight with multiple features.

Requires Registration

You need to register in this app for using this. You can register yourself by using a cell phone number. It requires a code that is sent to your contact number. After putting code, your account is created and ready to use.

No Ads

This app is free of ads. Moreover, it can be used for both personal and business purposes.

Free To Download And Use

The most beneficial feature is its price that is zero. You can download it without spending any money.

How To Use Moya App Sassa App?

  • First of all you need to download and launch the app.
  • When it is installed, open the app and review the terms of service.
  • Read the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, then tap on Agree
  • Then you have to register on the app. For this purpose, select your country from the drop-down list.
  • After that, enter your phone number in international phone number format. Tap Done or Next, then tap Ok to receive your 6-digit registration code through SMS or phone call.
  • To complete registration, enter your 6-digit code. After verification, your account will be created.
  • For setting up your profile, enter your name in the required place and then tap Next. You may add a profile photo so people can recognize you.
  • Then allow access to contacts and photos. Search contacts and start a chat with them. You may create a group of your contacts of same interests.

Don’t forget to use voice notes, video calls, voice calls, and media sharing options.

How To Download Moya App Sossa Apk Free For Android Latest?

Downloading moya apk is easy but you may not find this app on playstore due to some unknown reason. So without wasting time in searching just find the download button on this page and click on it. It will redirect you to the downloading page. Make sure your android is on any 5.0 or above.
Some people face a problem during downloading that is android doesn’t allow to download apps other than playstore. If you also face this problem then go to settings and allow installation from unknown resources. For downloading follow these steps. Its storage demand is 35.07mbs.

  1. Click on the download button given in this article
  2. It will start downloading. You can check its progress on top bar of your phone.
  3. Once it reaches 100% it means it’s downloaded and now it is ready to install.

You might face some difficulty while installing. Read the correct installation process.

How To Install It?

Actually android only allows installation of apps downloaded from playstore. But you can change your phone settings to use any app out of playstore. To install apps anywhere else, you have to enable installation from third-party sources. That is, enable the “Unknown Sources” setting.
For enabling this feature follow these steps.

  1. From Homescreen go to Settings
  2. Then go to Security settings
  3. Find Device administration.
  4. Check “Unknown Sources”. Turn it blue
  5. Now you can install your app “moya app sassa”.
  6. Open it and start enjoying it.

Is the Moya app safe?

Moya is a messenger app that lets you text and voice chat with other people. It’s also the only messaging app on the market that doesn’t save any of your data, so it’s safe to use for sensitive conversations like health information and personal finances.

Final words

I hope you have got all the information needed for this app in the article. I’ll keep updating in future. Hopefully, it will be available for all countries soon. If you are from Africa, use Moya App Sassa Android now and share your reviews about this amazing application.